Cats can sleep ANYWHERE!

Cats can sleep ANYWHERE!

OMG, just had to reblog this! So cute, funny, hilarious!

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Filofax Duplex DML F7/8 – 4 pages at once!

Filofax Duplex DML F7/8 – 4 pages at once!

Hi everyone, i’ve always wanted a Duplex organizer but they are too expensive or they haven’t got a lot of pockets (wich for me is a big dealbreaker! I love pockets!!!). So recently i decided to make my own notebook cover. At the time i search blogs, articles, pins, shows, … to see the possibility’s in manufacturing and adding pockets, etcetera. In mean while i make sketches untill i have found my final design /pattern.

If you guys know any articles, blogs, pins,… Who mention  this kind of planners,  feel free to add links in the comments! Also all sorts of tips are welcome!

Hope you enjoy reading the following article!

Xxx jolien

This article from talks about a Duplex filofax organiseren.

Bron: Filofax Duplex DML F7/8 – 4 pages at once!