Before Filofaxes had names…

Before Filofaxes had names…

found this article that Janet Carr wrote very interesting 🙂

EDIT: i made a spread in my jotter journal, since i was so enthousiastic about it and had energy like 10 horses ;p
at the bottom off page 2 i want to add some more respected/good leathershops, any suggestions?

Janet Carr @

They had model designations which look a bit like a code. You may see something like this (taken from an eBay auction I saw today):

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.43.56 PM

What does this mean?

  • The first is a number denoting the number of internal pockets
  • The second are at least two letters denoting the type of leather from which the binder is made
  • The third letter tells you whether there is a fastener (no F = no fastener)
  • The last numbers tell you the ring size in inches.

So this binder has two internal pockets, is made of Moroccan Leather and has a fastener.

Some examples of types of leather would be

  • BL – Bridle Leather
  • BCL – Box Calf Leather
  • CCF – Crocodile Calf
  • CL – Calf Leather
  • HL – Hide Leather
  • KL – Kid Leather
  • ML – Moroccan Leather
  • OL – Ostrich Leather
  • PL – Pigskin Leather
  • RH – Reindeer Hide
  • SH –…

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