I cannot help but feel that this is true about 2016

I cannot help but feel that this is true about 2016

List of insert suppliers for TNs and ring organisers

List of insert suppliers for TNs and ring organisers

another list made by Janet Carr, this time with insert-suppliers for TN’s and ring-organizers. take a look, tell us wich inserts you like the most (with picture if possible) and tell us why you like them so much!

Janet Carr @

Inserts from YellowPaperHouse on Etsy Inserts from YellowPaperHouse on Etsy

Many people have found my lists of TN and planner groups and organiser brands to be very useful resources.

I am now going to compile a list of inserts for traveler’s notebooks and ringed organisers in this post.

Please could you put the name of your favourite seller, their FB group or page or Etsy store in the comments below?  Of course if you are a seller, please give me the name of your shop with a link to it. I will add them to form a complete list of live links for you, which you can then bookmark. I will update periodically when I find or when people share new resources.

I will add the links as soon as I receive them in the comments.

If you have not commented on my blog before, I will have to approve your post, which will take…

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UPDATED: Facebook Ring Organiser, Hobonichi, TN, Planner and Bullet Journalling groups

UPDATED: Facebook Ring Organiser, Hobonichi, TN, Planner and Bullet Journalling groups

Janet Carr made a list off facebook-groups related to filofax/ traveller’s notebook/ planners and i found it to be very interesting so i definitly recomment checking these out! HAVE FUN!!!!

Janet Carr @

NOTE: I did a major update of this list yesterday, so am republishing it. If you know of any more groups you would like me to add, please post the link in the comments. Thank you very much!


There are loads more of them but I took an hour to write down all the ones I am in or that I know of. If you have any others you would recommend, please put them in the comments, so I can add them. I have shown only one secret group because I know they welcome new users. If you would like to join it, friend request someone who is in the group and they will add you. You will not be able to see the group unless you are a member.

Remember always to read the description of the group and the rules when you join. Someone has taken the trouble…

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Before Filofaxes had names…

Before Filofaxes had names…

found this article that Janet Carr wrote very interesting 🙂

EDIT: i made a spread in my jotter journal, since i was so enthousiastic about it and had energy like 10 horses ;p
at the bottom off page 2 i want to add some more respected/good leathershops, any suggestions?

Janet Carr @

They had model designations which look a bit like a code. You may see something like this (taken from an eBay auction I saw today):

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.43.56 PM

What does this mean?

  • The first is a number denoting the number of internal pockets
  • The second are at least two letters denoting the type of leather from which the binder is made
  • The third letter tells you whether there is a fastener (no F = no fastener)
  • The last numbers tell you the ring size in inches.

So this binder has two internal pockets, is made of Moroccan Leather and has a fastener.

Some examples of types of leather would be

  • BL – Bridle Leather
  • BCL – Box Calf Leather
  • CCF – Crocodile Calf
  • CL – Calf Leather
  • HL – Hide Leather
  • KL – Kid Leather
  • ML – Moroccan Leather
  • OL – Ostrich Leather
  • PL – Pigskin Leather
  • RH – Reindeer Hide
  • SH –…

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This made me teary

This made me teary

the band between a person and his pet can be so powerfull ! i have a doggy called ‘fristi’ and our band is just as strong! i would do everything for him and he would do the same for me. he has protected me allready several times. and when i feel sad, he knows and comes to cudle, lik my face and crawl in my nek to be as close as possible! i love him soooooooo much!

Janet Carr @

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 19.20.23

This is all over the internet and I am not sure where it originated but I think I tracked it down to the source here. The artist seems to be Kiyo. I think it is beautiful.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 19.23.15

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